Senior Portraiture

Seniors quickly relax when they see J.D.'s love of the outdoors, sports and music combined with his talents in photography and computer. Dave's years of teaching and coaching in the high school and college levels gives him an understanding of high school seniors, their interests and their concern for the future, whether it be work, college or the military. Our artistic ability gives seniors the confidence that they will look their best. That little skin blemish, wrinkled clothes or hair problem can be fixed. With this confidence, the senior can relax and thoroughly enjoy their senior photo session. The studio staff is so multi-talented they can do most all the behind the scenes print preparation in house and in so doing eliminate the "middle man". This is work that other studios must send out to be done for them or they don't do at all and hope you don't notice.

The result is that Paradise Photo and Design., in spite of their top quality, is less expensive when the bottom line is figured, and they do it in less time. Whether you are very traditional or want something extreme. J.D. will follow your wishes, just tell him. It's your choice if you want indoor, outdoor or both. Let the staff know if you are bringing special props so they can be sure to allow enough time. If you're a bargain hunter, you know the old saying "You get what you pay for". Quality takes time and it does cost money to produce. Whenever disasters like Hurricane Katrina hit, the television news shows people clutching their few most precious possessions, their family portraits. Your senior pictures are how future family will remember you. Doesn't this deserve to be the best? Think of your portraits as a lifetime investment.

Long after the television, stereo or new couch is thrown out; your portraits will continue to gain in appreciation.

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