Every face has a story to tell: A new job, a promotion, an annual report, election to a high office, special achievements and all signs of success. A carefully posed, finely crafted professional portrait projects the successful image to the public. A portrait will serve as a source of pride and record of achievement to you, your family and your community. Special holidays and events deserve a more personal gift. A personal portrait given to those you love is the most personal gift you can give. Nothing lasts longer and says “I care” more than giving an image of yourself. Let a professional portrait tell your story and express your personality.

Just like your website, your business’ building and location represent your company. Months or possibly years were spent on its design and functionality. The location was carefully chosen and the architecture was carefully developed, and both contribute to what makes your company unique. We have the special skills, experience, and equipment necessary to make your interiors and exteriors look their best. We’ll plan these sessions according to the best time of day to properly illuminate your property. Also, we offer real estate photography services to help promote your listings, and can optimize the images to prepare them for the best possible viewing on the web!

It’s about sales, period. If no one wants your product, you won’t have sales. We know how to prepare and present your product in ways to make customers want it. From jewelry to custom trucks to buildings, we use special custom techniques to create images that will catch their eye. We know about the challenges of photographing glass, metal, dark objects or fabrics, etc. and are prepared for these challenges. We can help you illustrate your production process or your job site progress. Also, we excel at photographing products with people (i.e. jewelry, fashion, vehicles, instruments, food, etc.) and have several models available, if necessary.

Today, almost every industry is a service industry. Even if you’re producing light bulbs or paper clips, it’s you, your administrative staff, your sales team, your engineers, your production line that really “make” your product. People buy from people they know. You must be transparent in your marketing and allow your market to meet you as soon as possible (via your website, social media, etc.). You need to make connections. We have worked with doctors, lawyers, opticians, realtors, financial consultants, CEOs, etc. Dentists are the best example. Picture a brochure full of all the dental procedures and surgeries available. Now, imagine a brochure showing a friendly staff, a pleasant dentist, comfortable clients, a warm atmosphere, etc. Which office would you call first? If necessary, we have access to several models that can enhance your images if your customers are too shy.

Are you looking to reinvent your office while making a statement about your company? Or are you looking to add special touches to the interior of your home? Our selection of decorative wall décor can help you get started. Create your own gallery with a collage of images. We can make custom sizes and presentation styles. We offer the highest quality frames, mounts, and canvas wraps. Also, we will do on-site consultations to help you decide what images will best compliment your interior. Don’t forget. Images of your products and buildings can make excellent wall décor and to enhance your trade show or event booth.

At Paradise Photo and Design we are proud to be part of our community and truly enjoy supporting area events and ceremonies. We look forward to visiting with other area business people, family, and friends at festivals, sporting events, fundraisers, award presentations, etc. As past event coordinators ourselves, we realize and appreciate the time and hard work involved in preparing such events and making them run smoothly. Your involvement deserves to be recognized and promoted properly with outstanding images. From local fundraisers to the Olympics, we have over fifty years of experience capturing special moments. Don’t forget to contact us if you need help promoting your event on a website, printed materials, banners, ad campaigns, etc.!

Your Image Is Our FocusLet us help you make your business look its very best. We want to help your business grow, because stronger businesses make stronger communities. Design, photography, and marketing are our passions. Treating your company as unique, with the utmost level of respect, and helping it grow is our purpose.

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